Everyday carpooling simplified

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Get to know each other

Our proactive matching algorithms connect people that share a similar route on a regular basis.You’re not into talking in the morning? We’ll consider that as well.

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Share everyday

We found a group for you or you already have one? Great! Our automated and intuitive tools do all the work for you: who’s next to drive, how much to pay, ...

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Stay motivated

You’re doing something good. For yourself and society. We want to give back – collect points with every ride and get real rewards!

SAYM is a smart platform for regular carpool commutes

We connect people, not just rides

Our vision

Improving urban life

Clean air. Little congestion. Better mobility.

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Do something good for yourself

You share, you save

Spend less money on your commute. Spend more on what you love!

Not in the driver's seat today?

Read a book. Take a nap. Check your emails. Simply do whatever you like!

Less traffic, less stress

Also: Less searching for parking spots. Improve your health, it’s that easy!

Get connected

You’re new in town? Get connected with locals and find new friends.


You want to live long? You need better air. Help yourself, share a ride!

The SAYM experience in your pocket

SAYM Enterprise

Our business solution


Better mobility options for your current and potential employees.


Company internal carpooling leads to better networking and more innovative ideas.


Improve your sustainability and receive statistics about your company's eco-performance, including a yearly certificate.


Increased employee satisfaction leads to increased health and productivity.


An improved parking situation improves everyday commuting for everyone and makes company expansions easier.


Healthier, less stressed and more satisfied employees are more productive and efficient. And everyone knows that time is money.

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This is team SAYM

Daniel Bogdoll
Daniel Bogdoll


Benjamin Dörries
Benjamin Dörries


Torben Flatemersch
Torben Flatemersch

Product Development

Philipp Uhl
Philipp Uhl

UI/UX Design

Pawel Lyssakow
Pawel Lyssakow



Das Vorhaben SAYM wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.